Features of Household Laptop Desk


1. The desktop can be leveled or adjusted to any angle, so in addition to the laptop, it can also be used for meals, snacks and drinks, reading, writing, etc.; it can be placed on the bed, sofa, in the car, outdoor, etc.
2. The table top and table legs can be adjusted to the most suitable angle and height at the same time to meet the user's most comfortable posture;
3. The span of the table legs is larger than that of the table top, giving users more space for the body or legs;
4. When the Household Laptop Desk is not in use, the legs of the table can fully receive the tabletop, and form a plane with the tabletop, and can be placed in a corner of the room at will. When used again, the table legs can be used without repeated disassembly, which is very convenient and simple;
5. Since it is in a plate shape when stowed, the weight is about 1.5 kg, so it is easy to carry, in addition to indoor use, it is also very convenient to take outside;
6. Simple structure, easy operation, beautiful style, solid wood texture, IKEA style, suitable for white-collar people, petty bourgeoisie, successful people; usage: sit on the bed, or lean against the bed, put the laptop on the table, legs Pass under the desktop. According to personal preference, adjust the height and tilt angle of the desktop to a suitable position for comfortable use of the laptop. There are different ways to adjust the height and inclination angle of the desktop, and they need to be operated according to the requirements of different bed computer desks.