The applicable crowd of Step Stool


1.Suitable for children

The child goes to bed, can step on the Step Stool to go up directly, already safe, convenient.Children go to the toilet, the toilet is very high, can step on the Step Stool directly on the toilet, very convenient.Children wash their hands, the sink is very high, can step on the Step Stool to wash hands, very safe.

2.Suitable for the elderly

There are old people in every family, many old people like to live alone, they don't like to live with the young people, because they think there is a generation gap with the young people, so they like to live alone.There are some safety risks associated with living alone for an elderly person. Buying a Step Stool for an elderly person is very appropriate because it is very secure and can avoid the dangers.There are some elderly people because of the age of the general assembly constipation, when the toilet with a Step Stool, can relieve foot fatigue.

3.Suitable for short people

The person of short stature, can feel to lack a Step Stool every time when organizing the cabinet of upper part of wardrobe, ambry, the proposal buys, the price is not expensive, use very convenient, in the home often have, when need can go up in use.