How to choose a good toilet seat for babies


1. Function of the babies‘ toilet seat
The basic function of the toilet seat is flushing. At present, the toilet in the market will have some additional functions, such as automatic induction flushing, automatic water spray heating, automatic heating of toilet pad, automatic spray washing, automatic drying, automatic cleaning of nozzle and so on. Without additional functions, it will be much cheaper. If the budget is not tight, you can consider some toilets with additional functions.

2. Size of the babies’ toilet seat
The size of the toilet seat can be large or small. When purchasing, we should consider whether the size matches the size of the bathroom in our home. It is mainly considered whether the distance between the water outlet of the base and the rear wall of the toilet water tank is shorter than that between the water outlet and the wall of the toilet at home. If yes, you can buy; If not, you must not buy it, otherwise you can't buy it back and install it.

3.Quality of the babies' toilet seat
Quality is actually a crucial factor. To identify the quality of the toilet, we can look at the internal and external surface materials, water tank accessories and impulse.

4.Appearance of the babies' toilet seat
What makes us have the impulse to buy is the exquisite appearance! On the basis of meeting the requirements of function, size and quality, we can choose the appearance we like. When considering the appearance factors, we should comprehensively consider the collocation with the decoration style, and it is very necessary to keep consistent with the decoration style.