How to Choose A Household Kids Chair


The material 
For Household Kids Chair, the materials used are wood and plastic. If you choose wood, try to choose not too much smell (if there is no too pungent smell, it is normal, wood will generally give out some taste, does not affect the use), this will not harm the healthy development of the child's body, more strong and durable point. If the choose and buy plastic stool, it is recommended to choose a good point of hardness, and good bearing force, not afraid of falling, deformation, feel lubrication, so sitting on it is comfortable. 
The sides are hollow out 
If the baby wants to reach things, there are hollows on both sides of the Household Kids Chair, it can be convenient to carry it, stand up to reach items, more convenient oh. This can also exercise the baby's hands-on ability, will not take up your time. 
For the surface of the Household Kids Chair, children will often sit on it. The wooden Household Kids Chair should pay attention to whether the board surface is smooth and normal, whether there is a gap, so that it is not easy to clip the baby. Whether the plastic Household Kids Chair has scratches and protrusions so as not to scratch the child's skin. If there is a layer of convex anti-skid rubber is better, it will have a better anti-skid effect, so as not to slide down from the stool, effectively protect their body safety. 
Round head 
Children's curiosity is larger, like to go around, but also more easily encounter the corner of the bench, so we must consider its four corners. In this case, it is recommended to choose a Household Kids Chair with a round head, so that the child can avoid being seriously hurt when he encounters the corner of the stool, and protect the baby's head and other parts. 
In short, I hope you can carefully remember the above skills and methods of purchasing, so that you can buy a satisfactory product.