It is very important to choose the right toilet seat to properly train your baby.


It is not too late to make a choice according to the baby's situation first to figure out what types of baby toilet seats are available.

Riding toilet

Generally in cartoon style, the baby can ride on it like a horse. It has a cute appearance and attracts baby's attention. The cartoon shape on the front can prevent the baby from leaning forward and is safer. It is more convenient for babies who wear open crotch pants.

Chair type toilet

The chair-type toilet is like a small chair, with the back of the chair behind it, so the baby is very comfortable to sit on. Being close to the adult toilet will help the baby transition to the adult toilet when he grows up. A baby who can stand freely and can stand up and sit down independently. If your baby is small, you need parental assistance to prevent leaning forward.

Concise toilet

In fact, it is a small potty, but it is designed with a special size and stability according to the baby's body. Concise, easy to clean and easy to store. The baby can sit alone, but if you use it independently, you need to be able to stand up and sit down independently.

Toilet pan

It looks like a toilet seat and can be placed directly on top of an adult toilet. The baby can go directly to the toilet without going through the process of using the small toilet. It is suitable for babies over 1 year old who need the company of their parents.

In the training process, I also give some tips to parents:

1.Pay attention to the material of the toilet . The toilet seat must have a smooth surface so that the baby is comfortable to sit on. The material is safe and there is no pungent smell.

2. It is best to choose a toilet with a drawer. This will be more convenient to clean, and can let the baby throw it out after pooping.

3. Toilets that are too new and peculiar and have too many functions are not recommended. The function of the potty is to cultivate the baby's pooping habit. Some toilets take the "luxury route" with music functions or are decorated with many toys. Although such a toilet can attract the baby, it is also easy for the baby to poop. Diverting attention is actually not conducive to cultivating good toilet habits for babies.

4. Choose the color according to the baby's gender. If it is a female baby, you can choose some warm colors, and a male baby can choose some cool colors, which is more in line with the baby’s gender characteristics. Male babies are prone to splashes when urinating, and a toilet with a deeper front of the mouth can be selected.

5. There is no rush to go to toilet training. Babies have great individual differences, don't expect the same results. Don't blame your baby nervously, "Why don't you poop on it?" At this time, you might as well relax yourself with the optimistic idea of"I will always learn anyway".